Trimmer with curved shaft for smooth and easy grass trimming - 21.7CC


Yard work is simple with the Husqvarna 122C. A variety of easy starting features, including Smart Start® technology, make this string trimmer easy and intuitive to use. Perfect for homeowners who need to trim around obstacles, this curved shaft trimmer features an ergonomic design and handle for easier, more comfortable use.


Tap 'n Go
Heavy duty twin line cutting system with Tap 'n Go for quick line feed.

125L, 125C, 125LD, 325LDx, 325HE4x

Simple Starting

Stop switch automatically resets to ON so trimmer is ready for next use



Quick Start with Air Purge

Air purge removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting


Smart Start, SmartStart

Smart Start® Technology

Specially-designed engine and starter for easy and fast starting with minimum effort


325Lx, 325LDx, 324Lx, 324LDx, 326Lx, 326LDx

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable curved handle and shaft for easier use and increased maneuverability


Trimmer head T35

High Line Capacity

Heavy duty twin line cutting system with Tap'n Go. Line feeding is done quick and effortlessly by simply pushing the trimmer head into the ground.


Grass trimmer 122C

Low Noise Engine

The engine design provides a low noise level and a more pleasant working environment.